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Embed code samples?


I've got my video working via ERTE, many thanks for this, it's great. But my video plays automatically, I would like the video to be paused and the user clicks the play button and I've tried placing many variants of autoplay=false, autostart=0, inside the embed code but it still plays automatically.   Here is the code I'm using: <embed src="" autoplay=0 autoplay="false" autoplay=false autostart=false autostart="false" width="400" height="300" allowfullscreen="true" />   Is this a fault with the Player.swf file I'm using? If other people can provide samples of their working Embed or iFrame code, that would be of a great help.   Thanks.

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ando3764 wrote Aug 25, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Okay I've finally got the Embed code working within a Blog site, here is the Embed code I used:
<embed src='http://sp2007sp/Videos/OSFlvPlayer_v4.2/OSplayer.swf?movie=http://sp2007sp/Videos/OSFlvPlayer_v4.2/mario.flv&btncolor=0x333333&accentcolor=0x31b8e9&txtcolor=0xdddddd&volume=30&autoload=on&autoplay=off&vTitle=Super Mario Brothers Lego Edition&showTitle=yes' width='400' height='325' allowFullScreen='true' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' allowScriptAccess='always'>

The Player is OSFlvPlayer ver 4.2 which is used by the RIVA FLV Encoder program.
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